Richest 1% in World: How Much Net Worth to Join Ranks of Wealthiest.. Pandemic a Windfall for Billionaires!.. London Overtakes New York as Home to Richest

US leads in the number of ultra-rich individuals even as wealth growth has surged recently in Asia-Pacific locations such as China and Hong Kong, says report.

Here’s another number that is certainly eyebrow-raising: $4.2 trillion. That’s the combined wealth of America’s 664 billionaires as the one-year anniversary of the pandemic’s assault on America nears. Not that they were suffering beforehand, but that number is 44%, or $1.3 trillion, more than just a year ago.

London has overtaken New York as home to the most ‘dollar millionaires’ with 875,000 of them now living in the city, according to a new report.  The Knight Frank Wealth report shows that 874,354 people in London have assets, including property, worth more than £720,000 which makes them so-called ‘high net worth individuals’.

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